The Odyssey; A Creative Write

Odysseus thus stated:
“I voyaged on in my fate to end up in Calypso’s island.
As I paddled on the plank of my fallen ship,
I came across yet another mass of land.
Arriving on the shore, my eyes rested asleep.

I was awoken by the grace of the gods.
The aroma of peace suffocated the air,
Only to be overwhelmed by the divine music of a flute.
Listening to the sweet harmony,
I trotted toward where I thought the source resided.

Through the beautiful meadows,
Of colored leaves and wildflowers,
I blundered onward until I saw something most peculiar.
A man, no, a man filled with light.
Never in my sight could I see a feature of him,
However, he sat upon a stone, performing a song on a carved reed.

There, he sat, playing and playing,
Until I approached into his view.
Immediately, he stopped, and the sky grew dark, the meadows becoming black with evil.
The light faded from existence, only to be filled with violet hues.

My fear was unimaginable, but I stood, stood where I was,
For nothing could faze me through Zeus’ wrath.
I believed, this monster, no matter who he was,
Only was the bringing of the gods’ anger.

In my heart, in that very moment, I sensed a calmness.
Hardships that were experienced, deaths that were perceived,
Were the gods’ affairs.
No matter if this being brought upon my departure into the Underworld,
I completed every effort possible to reach my heartbroken land.

Abruptly, the man engulfed in darkness spoke in a rumbling roar:
‘What do you call yourself!?’
I responded with everything I could muster:
‘Odysseus, son of Laertes, King of Ithaca.’
Just as suddenly, the man returned to his harmonious state.
The shade subsided from the land and it, again, bloomed with life.

A calm whisper through the man invited my emotions, murmuring:
‘Come over, come over… sadness is what I perceive…Odysseus, do not grieve and cry…’
I walked over to where the man rested upon a stone.
The blinding light did not return, but a golden glow resonated around him.
I could not make out a single defining feature of him, yet I felt like I’d known this being for years.

I subsequently arrived at the front of him,
And felt the urge to weep over my life because, no matter which way I turned,
There was a loss of life and motivation.
However, the man again spoke: ‘Why is there regret, why is there acceptance, Odysseus?’
There and then, streams of tears poured from my eyes, I did not know what this man was, nor what his intentions were.

The man watched until the last amount of sorrow exited my soul.
Upon my mentality coming into harmony, the man once again asked:
‘Why is there regret, why is there acceptance?’
It was as if the man were a little child similar to the one that had guided me to you, King Alcinous, She had taken me with such confidence,
yet innocence, when I traveled my way through the unknown streets
He questioned and questioned this again and again as I stated I did not know the answer.
The light engulfed figure finally halted his question, whispering,
‘Now, the answer to my reason to exist, Odysseus, is because there is a balance within the world, the light contrasts the dark, the moral oppose the immoral.’

‘This is like what your gods accomplish; punishing the wicked.
What they lack, however, is the ability to comprehend both the light and darkness.
It is as if they are your shipmates, they only understand one idea, how do I stay alive?
But when one finally wants more than what they have, they fall to death
Your comrades fell due to their ignorance and greed, struck down by the bolts of Zeus.
Similarly, the gods will fall if they do not understand both perspectives of life.’

‘By accusing the gods of this, they may strike you down, strange man!’
But this creature responded with:
‘They cannot, Odysseus. You cannot understand why that is.
To you, they are the center of cause and effect; however, I am the one who keeps the balance within the world. You believe your so-called gods have power over life, but they, too, are regulated by evil.’

I then understood who this was, why he seemed so familiar to me, yet so distant.
He was what kept the universe in check, and that included my mind.
The different experiences that went through my brain, the deaths of all my comrades and now the harmonious peace that resonated within the land,
Were all managed in a way that always reached equilibrium no matter the circumstances.
I fell to my knees at realizing the doom of my comrades; nevertheless, I rose from that because of this man’s job in the world.

As for how Achilles died, his soul retreated into the Underworld faster than a man could feel sorry for the warrior-thus was the way the man flashed with a bang of golden light into nothingness.
Just when I apprehended an idea larger than myself which lived within me, he vanished.
The land was left with a stronger fragrance – something that invoked a celebration of learning more about oneself and their life.
The beautiful landscape remained in her everlasting elegance, and the Earth looked as if she, too, had the golden aura of the unusual man.”


Well, to summarize what this story that I created is, it is an essay we created in English class that took place after Book 12, or chapter 12, of The Odyssey. The Odyssey is an epic poem by Homer that goes across the journey of Odysseus, a Greek hero, attempting to reach his homeland for his past 20 years after fighting in a war. It’s a book with many morals and life lessons, but specifically for my English class, we had to make a tale about a creature that focused on a different lesson. This creature was to be encountered by Odysseus and by the end of the story, there was to be a teaching prevalent along the lines for the reader to comprehend.

The writing focuses around Odysseus arriving upon an island and meeting a man that signifies both light and darkness. There is an emphasis on the idea I wanted to bring to the readers’ mind. Anyone can understand this message, that in order to live the best life you can, you must balance everything you do. That is what I have been taught my whole life. Now, by creating this tale, my aim was to convey to always balance. I’m still applying this practice to my life. For example, there is work and having fun. None of them are wrong, but too much of one thing can lead to unhealthy habits.

So, the creative write for me wasn’t as related to getting the grade, but expressing one of my life values within a fun, little tale. I learned a little more about myself through making this, and I believe you have, too. If you have the chance to read Homer’s epic, this story may be easier to understand as the context of it is based upon the actual Greek mythology. In the end, this creative write helped me to learn about a different writing style and how to aid others in understanding my values.


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