Perspective – Engineering

Already into a quarter of my 9th grade year, I have learned more than I had expected to. One of the most interesting subjects I’m taking is Intro to Engineering & Design. In this time as a freshman, I learned different sketching methods; they were isometric, oblique, multi-view, and perspective sketches. Perspective drawing is the idea that I found the most profound. In this style of art, you create points to which all your lines will be drawn to. In this way, the perspective, of let’s say looking at a block, will be produced on paper. After being taught of this technique, I was inspired to draw my house. However, first I had to make a proportional sketch to get the idea of the drawing. This was expressed through an isometric:DhiYogi Home Blog Post Pic 2

From this, I had created a complex object which I would have never imagined to have been able to make. The next day I presented it to my teacher who thought it was nice. but he challenged me to create a perspective drawing of it. And I made this:DhiYogi Home Blog Post Pic

There are 3 points that all the lines converge to. Vertical lines go to the bottom point. Lengths for the right part of the object go to the right point and vice-versa for the left side.

But, there was a very amazing lesson in all of this.. Imagine as if this object were a situation, problem, or any ideology. Then, picture, that from each point, you and two other people are looking at it from all different angles. You see it from one end and adjust accordingly whereas the others adjust in their perspective.

The drawing portion of engineering is tough, but can be learned easily; however, the grasping of this concept of perspectives is much tougher. In many words, I could explain what it is, but the idea of this would not be able to be touched. You have to experience it. And from the project, I have been taught that I cannot change another’s view, but I can continue with mine for what I believe is right.

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