Cam Toy – Engineering

As a final project for my Introduction to Engineering class for my high school freshman year, our class had to create a cam toy. This type of toy displays a repeating, moving pattern of objects through twisting an axle, that goes through an open box, which has “wheels” with various shapes. These “wheels” allow the […]

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Valentine’s Day – Love

The light advanced from the sky, Blinding us with a fleet of doves. Though we prefer to shy Away from that love.   Running from the rejoicing rewards, Only to be met by joyous smiles. We tried to escape that horde That gave everyone new trials.   This was what we were years ago, Until […]

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The Odyssey; A Creative Write

Odysseus thus stated: “I voyaged on in my fate to end up in Calypso’s island. As I paddled on the plank of my fallen ship, I came across yet another mass of land. Arriving on the shore, my eyes rested asleep. I was awoken by the grace of the gods. The aroma of peace suffocated […]

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Water Wrinkling Hands

In my Honors Biology class, I learned about the process of osmosis, which is the action where water with a higher concentration of molecules moves to a lower one across a membrane. This osmosis is usually used in your cells to get nutrients and get rid of unneeded molecules. However, there was a question I […]

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Perspective – Engineering

Already into a quarter of my 9th grade year, I have learned more than I had expected to. One of the most interesting subjects I’m taking is Intro to Engineering & Design. In this time as a freshman, I learned different sketching methods; they were isometric, oblique, multi-view, and perspective sketches. Perspective drawing is the […]

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Computer 3D Design

As a 9th grade student, I’m aspiring to become an Archaeologist and Architect; however, I’m taking an engineering class that encourages aspects of design. In my class, we were learning the basics of 3D modeling on a computer. This style of design is a more complicated and diverse way of the old fashioned, “pen and […]

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Caesar – A Ted Ed Talk

I met a profound, homeless man on my birthday during the summer… His name, Caesar. I was in Philly at the time, and my family and I were in Starbucks when I spotted him. My mom had been carrying a few dollars of mine, but I felt the need to give my money to him… […]

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